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from my window. I haven’t returned to England although my family roots are planted deep beneath the English countryside. This invisible tie to the old world always stirs within my soul. Ancestors beckon my return and point me in a purposeful direction.

This gorgeous English shrub rose is an heirloom variety named after the famous influential English garden designer, artist and writer, Gertrude Jeckyll.

That’s how I found Gertrude Jeckyll. It was on a rainy day whim. While browsing a local garden shop, “she” caught my eye. There was an old world look about her. Informal, shabby chic, with a slightly disheveled arrangement that I am drawn to.

That chance meeting was five years ago. I would discover her story.

This lovely rose never fails to delight. Crushable blooms capture one’s sense of smell and the fluffy heads are packed with pink petals. Truly, Gertrude Jeckyll is the prettiest rose in bloom.  When snipped and placed into old silver sugar bowls or pitchers, “she” elevates any surface or occasion.


An interesting note- Gertrude Jeckyll’s brother was rumored to be friends with author, Robert Louis Stevenson. The surname, Jeckyll, may have been borrowed for the title of the famous novella, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.


This weekend, find some bliss filled moments to “stop and smell the roses.”



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    1. Isn’t it? I “love” Gertrude’s story. At first I thought~ such an unfortunate name for such a stunner of a rose. Until I researched Gertrude Jeckyll and discovered her talents.

  1. Just lovely. Spring is the season of rejuvenation and beauty, and how wonderful to find something precious that takes you back home for a while. Hope you are doing well. X.

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