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Bronte Quote

“He’s more myself then I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” ~ Emily Bronte I covet gorgeous quote signs. They are trendy and command top dollar in some of the home boutiques throughout the city. This morning I attempted to recreate one on a smaller scale. I admit, […]

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A View

from my window. I haven’t returned to England although my family roots are planted deep beneath the English countryside. This invisible tie to the old world always stirs within my soul. Ancestors beckon my return and point me in a purposeful direction. This gorgeous English shrub rose is an heirloom variety named after the famous […]

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“Roses as big as cabbages.” ~ Marco Polo Behold. Of the family~ Paeoniaceae The floral symbol of China Holds tradition The 12th. wedding anniversary flower Can live for 100 years The first peonies to bloom in my garden. ❤  

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