An Elegant Mess

~ making an elegant mess
~ making an elegant mess

I’ve spent the better part of a hell hot summer, wander lusting from vintage re dos to pennant banners. These creative pursuits steal time away from serious wordsmithing. Perhaps this is a wise decision; a necessary rest from deep thought and aching introspection. The “story” writings remain tucked away until autumn returns. Her first kiss, a delightful, wakening chill, will be just enough to spur me forward and back to the keyboard.

In the meantime, I revisit and refurbish my living and personal spaces into what can aptly be described as an elegant mess. This is fine by me.

Hope you wander out this evening, sit beneath the stars, and wonder at the Blue Moon.

I’ll let wikipedia explain the phenom named, Blue Moon,

“Blue Moon

You saw me standing alone

Without a dream in my heart”


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11 thoughts on “An Elegant Mess”

  1. Hello! I am trying to catch up on what is important to me. Thank you for following my blog! Your banner is inspiring me to do the same. I just happen to have some cool fabric laying around and I need to use my little sewing machine and give it a workout… (:

    1. A friend inspired me re: the pennant banners. I “love” to mix fabrics and this is a fairly simple project. I need to purchase a sewing machine and then I’ll be on a “roll.”
      Thank you for stopping by, reading the post and leaving a comment.

      1. I am going back to check out what all you have done….with your creations.. I am not all that nifty. If it is not a disaster I will share. For a starter I need my pattern. I have card stock and that should work. Off I go..

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