The Love-Hate Challenge

Life is beautiful; Life is Beauty Full!
Life is beautiful; Life is Beauty Full!

The lovely

linked me to a blog post- The Love-Hate Challenge. I kind of “hate” link a longs (I’m a bit shy to step out.) but I “love” so here goes~

My list~

Ten Things I Hate

• rude behaviour toward anyone

• underfunded budgets

• betrayal

• mosquitoes

• cruelty

• that I haven’t won the lotto

• the fast rising divide between “the haves” and “have-nots” in society

• people who text while driving

• people who do not signal when they change lanes

• thievery, just ask, I’ll usually share

Ten Things I

• family and friends x

• acts of kindness and support

• a voice for “right”

• words written or spoken, their magical powers to” tell” a beautiful or poignant story

• roses and peonies

• vintage anything

• life e.g.- crashing waves, a child’s smile, a hug when needed, loyalty,…

• a latte, a lot

• truths

• the wisdom of time

I Nominate These Ten Sites To Share Their Ten Love- Hate Lists (if you choose to share along)~

1. The Wildwood

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and many, many more blogs.

Thanks to these ten blogs for considering an invitation to join in the Love-Hate Challenge.

What do you Love-Hate?

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