A Girl in a Garage

Today was a quiet day; a day to putter and “nest.”In between gusting winds and rare moments when rays of warm sunshine kissed through the chill, I managed to get my rear in gear and tackle a funky, junky old chair that has spent too many winters in a shed.Two coats of annie sloan white chalkpaint and “ta da!” Tomorrow I’ll sand the paint, consider touch ups, and perhaps add a stencilled crown. Stay tuned for the final reveal.

PS~ A "shout out" to my inspirational blogging sister, Found This, Painted That.

annie sloan chalk paint "love"
annie sloan chalk paint “love”


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5 thoughts on “A Girl in a Garage”

      1. Will do. I used to do more of that kind of furniture restoration, but somehow other priorities took over. I do remember that it gave me a real feeling of satisfaction to restore something that would otherwise have been junked.

      2. Agree. Usually there’s a “story” that comes along with the furniture “hand off” and because of that connection I find it difficult to toss the piece to the curb- lol.

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