It was Love

It was love; I know that for a fact. How could it not have been? A child is born; a parent is made.As you gently cradled me in your arms, did you feel the pull? Was it a locking power,a connection, a magnetic force more powerful? Unbreakable the bond we shared. A force shot by the unseen hands of the universe. I question your love.

It was love; I know that for a fact. I have the evidence, scattered about;the various concrete forms catch my eye. I touch each one to recall you. There is the overstuffed toy bear; it took almost a pay cheque to afford, a golden ring, its centre shaped from precious moonstone,and then, the worn and tarnished pocket watch. I unlock the silver case.Housed inside are two photographs of family. Move along to the memories tucked deep within my heart. Still, I question your love.

It was love; it must have been true.Once a parent,the heart enlarges, pumps skip to find a longer beat.A circle formed; the ring surrounded us, unbreakable. It was a pact forged for eternity.I question your love.

It was love; I know that for a fact. Messy, selfish, thoughtless and true love,never ending in its bond.I felt it pass through your palm.I clutched back. The unspoken words, I am here; you are safe.

It was love. I saw it slipping from your final tears, I heard it in your whisper. It was love; I hold to that belief.

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Anna Watson

~ write like a painter

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