The Kiss of Spring

Winter’s gentle exit;a promise of what’s to come. Simple beauty. Branches of forsythia, cut from the gnarly tree, grace unpolished silver.

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Love Grows

Winter House created by mixed media artist, Nicholas Brancati This beautiful image created by mixed media artist, Nicholas Brancati~ There is a reason that this piece captured my eye and resonated with my heart. Winter House is the inspiration for the following story, Love Grows. Loves Grows is still in draft form; I hope you […]

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It was Love

It was love; I know that for a fact. How could it not have been? A child is born; a parent is made.As you gently cradled me in your arms, did you feel the pull? Was it a locking power,a connection, a magnetic force more powerful? Unbreakable the bond we shared. A force shot by […]

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