Did You Hear?



Alice phoned Molly. Molly picked up the receiver on the third ding a ling.

“ Molly’s residence.”

“Did you hear? Mr. Leslie Wyatt, the butcher doesn’t eat meat!”

“Who knew? And he sells the finest home-fed beef.”

“But he never eats any himself!” Alice murmured.

The ladies heard that Mr. Leslie Wyatt has lived on honey, fish, brown bread, and lemon juice, washed down with a cup of coffee for the past thirty years.

“Breakfast is one teaspoon of honey with the juice of a lemon in hot water. Later on, he nibbles on a bran scone or has a piece of brown bread and a cup of coffee. The coffee must be proper, percolated. For tea the gentleman has steamed or grilled fish, coffee and brown bread. Before bed he sips honey, lemon and hot water.”

Alice continued,

“Being a butcher he attends the occasional business meeting. On these occasions he’ll take a little vegetable soup and a piece of chicken!”

The ladies tittered.

Why did Mr. Leslie Wyatt go on his honey and lemon diet? It all began when he met a Russian in a hotel in Newcastle over thirty years ago. They met in the bar and the Russian remarked he’d lost his sea legs. Mr. Wyatt invited him to join his table, to have a drink for luck. The Russian accepted with a “thanks,” and ordered a lemon drink. Mr. Wyatt ordered a whiskey for himself. At that time he was a little puffy. The Russian told Mr. Wyatt he was far too large. He told Mr. Wyatt about the honey, lemon, and fish diet and suggested he try it. The honey was to strengthen the heart and the lemon calmed the tummy and the blood. Mr. Wyatt intrigued, decided to give it a go. He went over to the honey and lemon diet. The puffiness disappeared! He felt great.

~ a true story, dears



Published by

Anna Watson

~ write like a painter

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