The View From Above

Often in flight, I take a few photographs to capture the airborne moments and the sheer magnificence from above.  There is a certain peace, a zen like calm, bewitching, as I gaze between the layers of cloud and view the vanishing, chaotic world below.  Quietly and peacefully, we climb through endless puffy clouds, some thick with layers, dark and grey, others white and wispy.  Dream like moments, as we fly, suspended between the spaces of earth and heaven.

The highest point of the skyline above me, an inky shade.  An artist’s palette of ombre, from darkest to lightest blue, forms the painting I behold.  Charles Lutyen’s child like cherubs forming posies while lounging on clouds.

Dare to dream? Could innocent cherubs frolic among these clouds, watching the human race below? Beyond the darkest brush stroke of inky sky, are cherubs guarding Paradise, everlasting?

“For official purposes, these children do not exist.”
― Robert Muchamore

How can one not believe in angelic beings, miracles, or a Power beyond, while suspended within such a glorious space? A glimpse of Limbo and the promise of glories even further upwards.

Until we land.  Humanity comes into view.  Passengers pushing past others to alight the plane. People scurrying from one gate to another, others attempting to find their way home.

Still, for a few brief hours, I sat, enchanted within a calm and beautiful space, full of wonder.

In flight~ the most beautiful shade of blue.
In flight~ the most beautiful shade of blue.
A blanket of fluff between us.
A blanket of fluff between us.
A dark patch within the snow white clouds.
A dark patch within the snow white clouds.

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2 thoughts on “The View From Above”

  1. Lovely photos! I used to like taking similar pictures; then somewhere between having children and a horrible experience in a four-seater, I became terrified of flying. So now I take a Xanax and try to sleep!

    1. LOL! I am smiling as I am a superstitious flyer, crossing fingers, saying “prayers” to anyone up there who might care! A fear of heights, panics me, however, I am living proof that if you fly enough, you can conquer this phobia, somewhat. My mind is always imagining scenarios and my ears are on high alert. I know almost all engine sounds from take off to landing! Aside from the occasional Customer Loyalty Plan upgrade to First Class, I fly, seated anywhere on the plane, usually, somewhere in the back, opposite the washroom door and beside the person with the worst cough. Only when upgraded to First Class, do I drink wine! That’s mandatory.

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