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Alice’s Fairy Cakes

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By~ Lily the Grand

Alice’s Fairy Cakes are a delicious tea time treat, perfect with a cup of strong (The way Alice liked her tea.), hot tea.  My grandmother, Grace, shares this family recipe because it reminds her of a time when fairies lived in the imagination of children, such as Alice.  This recipe is important to our family because it stirs up fond memories of  the importance of play in childhood and tea time talks.  Grace imagines her grandmother, Alice, playing in the English gardens, building fairy huts from sticks, and searching flowers for evidence that a fairy lived close by.

In the afternoon, upon returning to the terraced house on Bond Street, Alice would sit for tea time with her sisters.  Fairy cakes were the favoured treat!

When my grandmother, Grace, was a child, she would wish to capture a fairy friend.  Hours were spent outdoors, playing, planning, building huts, stone circles, and perfecting traps to capture a fairy.  The fairy never came!

This recipe reminds our family of Alice as a child, in a simple time of play and laughter.  My grandmother, Grace, has changed the Fairy Cakes recipe, adding paper liners, slightly less sugar, and a shorter cooking time.   My grandmother suggests adding, “sparkle” sprinkles to the tops of the iced fairy cakes!

Remember, set the table with china and steep a pot of hot tea to pour into your best china cups! When you eat one of Alice’s Fairy Cakes, close your eyes and imagine a world of sprites and fantasy!


~ Lily


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    1. Don’t they, though? I am especially attracted to the cups and saucers with the beautiful roses! I had never purposely mismatched them before, however, when I saw the possibilities, I couldn’t resist.

      This is a lovely recipe, very sweet, perfect tea time treat. Thanks for taking the time to read the posts and comment.

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