The Language of Flowers

rose (Photo credit: aling_)

Hello, darlings; it’s Alice!  Today I wish to remind you of the language of flowers.  It has come to my attention that today’s young haven’t the slightest clue about flower language.  It is time I set one straight.   Firstly, dears, a bouquet of flowers can be made to represent almost any sentiment.  If a flower is offered reversed, its original meaning is contradicted and the opposite is implied.  One must remember this or run the risk of offending a potential suitor or love! For instance if you hand a lovely a bouquet of white carnations you are are indicating disdain for the dear one!  Of course, one never hands a clutch of dead leaves to anyone; that is the symbol for sadness.  A bouquet of Monkshead left at the doorstep sends the message, danger is near!  You will frighten the dear.  Once a rather arrogant suitor had the nerve to leave me a white rose, which stated, I am worthy of you.  No, no, young sir; it’s the other way around! So, be aware, dears!  May I offer a few suggestions?  Always best to choose white lilies (sweetness), red roses (love), pansies ( you are in my thoughts), coloured daisies ( beauty) and rosebuds with moss, which is bespoke for a confession of love.  Now, out you go with your new-found language of flowers and choose wisely for that lovely you have your eye on.

Until we meet again, dears,



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Anna Watson

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