Fall Back

This evening, by midnight, certain regions of  Canada and the world, will complete the annual ritual of turning back the clocks by one hour, an action also known as standard time.  There are positives to this action.  A recent seven-year study in Sweden found that this semi-annual one hour change is linked to a study that shows a decrease in heart attacks and fatalities, perhaps due to body alertness and ability to adjust to light changes.  It is believed that setting the clock back by one hour is easier on the body than setting the clock forward.


Imagine being able to find an opening in the universe and like, another Alice, much more famous than my Alice, topple and tumble-down a rabbit hole, to arrive at an event.  A pivotal event in your life, a do over moment.  What would you do over, what would you change, if time gave you this opportunity?

“Waiting. Simply one person doing nothing, over time, while another approached.”
― Ian McEwanAtonement 

Stepping into the quiet, calm night, so still, one can feel the stars sparkle.  Fairies of the night, shining souls, casting their brilliance to the earth below.  It is the midnight hour, an alluring moment of time, where magical happenings are always a possibility.

Darkness layers the night, the ancient evergreens thick and sturdy tall, standing guard to form a fortress of protection, against the darkness of the night. Venturing deeper into their midst, the woman senses the rustle as the boughs adjust, a joining of hands like moment, of solidarity and connection.  You are safe here, their whispered breathes, blowing forth, greet her.  Shelter here.

Leaning against the trunk, the woman presses her cheek against the cool, rough, soft surface. A tattered blanket of moss wraps around, much like a too old child still clinging to a weary blanket.  Some comfort. The woman closes her eyes and falls.  Back in time, tumbling into a garden a bloom, where he is waiting.

~ to be continued

Published by

Anna Watson

~ write like a painter