The Beginning

“Tell me the story; I can see from your eyes, you have a story to tell.  Did someone break your heart?”  “Yes,” Grace replied.  “Did you break their heart?” Lily asked.  “Perhaps,” was the reply. It was Tuesday, the beginning of five days together.  Enough time to talk and wonder, squeezing moments from time, stretching […]

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Lest We Forget.  Today, the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, at the eleventh hour, Canadians pause to remember and honour the veterans, soldiers, and peace keepers who have served our country.  We honour the fallen. Pin a poppy above your heart.  Pause for a moment of silence.  Remember.  Say a prayer for peace in […]

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Fall Back

This evening, by midnight, certain regions of  Canada and the world, will complete the annual ritual of turning back the clocks by one hour, an action also known as standard time.  There are positives to this action.  A recent seven-year study in Sweden found that this semi-annual one hour change is linked to a study […]

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Rainy Day

This morning, I sit in silence, listening to the rain as its steady patter hits the roof.  I imagine the soft water droplets exploding after their harsh landing, scattering into the air and gutters. Free falling.  The coffee is black, strong and hot, just the way that I like it.  The house is still, darkened […]

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