It’s Alice

dears, and I want to share some wisdom for obtaining and acquiring a bright, beautiful skin.  Firstly, a warning lovelies~ High living and late hours will destroy the most beautiful complexion!  The secret to acquiring  a bright, beautiful skin is, temperance, exercise, and cleanliness!  There you have it!

Wisdom gleaned from my trusty household guide,

~ The Household Guide, Home Remedies and Home Treatment, For All Diseases in Man or Beast, A Manual in Domestic Information for All Classes, Davis MD, E.B. and Jefferis PHD, M.D. , J.L. Nichols, Naperville, Ills, 1891

PS~ Between us~ my granddaughter, Grace, drinks black coffee, copious amounts of black tea, has been know to stay out late~ (once upon a time), uses retinoid creams, and on occasion, drops by the med spa, wearing a fitbit, on her wrist. 

Until next time, dears!

Yours in loveliness,



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