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If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

“Those who unlock your compassion are those to whom you’ve been assigned.” 
― Mike Murdock~Goodreads, Quotes About Compassion

The one life change that I hope results from writing a blog, is heightened compassion for another being. Often we assume that we know the whys of actions of another or we assume we know better.  We judge when we should remain open to listen and grow in our capacity to understand another’s actions. Better understanding of and a heightened compassion for the frailty and resilience of the human spirit. This aspect fascinates me.  What happens in a lifetime when certain choices are made, the fall out, the sorrow, the anger, the remorse, the love that always remains, simmering just beneath the surface of a soul. The shaping of a life.  Why are some individuals able to develop deeper compassion while others display callousness? To develop a bigger heart of forgiveness and compassion.  It is my hope that readers discover the bittersweet memories, the forgotten treasures, and the beauty behind the ordinary, often flawed characters that I write about in aliceandmolly~ Writings from Life.  For we are human and we are all a part of a bigger condition~ how to learn to embrace one another in the spirit of kindness and empathy.  That is the one life change, that I hope results from writing a blog.


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  1. Lynne,
    I don’t know how I missed this. You are a ray of sunshine. I don’t know how or why you came to be this way, but I am grateful that you are.

    1. Thank you, Patti for the compliment as there are days when I wonder where I am “going” with my writing. I believe that deep loss/betrayal affects one to the core and when you start to surface you have a couple of choices, sink or swim. I want happiness and I am trying hard to choose it!
      Hugs for you, too,

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