My Grandmother Alice’s Trifle

This is Alice’s recipe for, trifle, as found in her cookbook~ Us Two Cookbook~ Jennie B Williams, from 1909- Gaskell-Odlum-Stabler Limited, Thomson Stationary Co. Limited, Vancouver, BC.

Any kind of stale cake, sponge or pound cake preferred, one tablespoon of wine (sherry), one tablespoon of brandy (Alice loved a shot of brandy!), strawberry, or raspberry jam, one half-pint of cream, one and one-fourth cup of blanched almonds.  In a dish put first a layer  of cake, then a little brandy, then jam, then cake, wine and nuts, also a little cream whipped; begin again as before, then add a few macaroons and make a wall of lady fingers.  After all the cake and wine are used, over the top put plenty of whipped cream (stiff).

* Consider adding a mix of summer fruit to the dish to make it a slightly healthier, 2013 version!Image


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    1. Thank you, Patti! I decided to lighten up the Misery Memoir posts a bit! Hence, “Alice’s Trifle” made of stale cake (true Alice style)! Alice’s cook book is delightful; there’s even a tonic for rat bites!

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