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Tea With Alice

Tea with Alice was amusing, if not, slightly charming.  My Grandmother Alice enjoyed a spot of tea, Earl Grey being the tea of choice.  Alice used a cooking pot to boil the water before transferring some of the scalding liquid into a metal teapot to warm it up.  Then, my grandmother would take a minute […]

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A Life Lesson

A Life Lesson “After a long, long time she reached an important conclusion. She was never going to stand by and say nothing again.” ― Eleanor Estes, The Hundred Dresses [1] There is a beautiful children’s story titled, The Hundred Dresses, written in 1944 by, Eleanor Estes. [2]  It is the tale of a poor Polish immigrant’s […]

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Like the arbutus She stands tall, magnificent Facing the ocean, fiercely rugged The wind howls, poised to fight Beating her, whipping, pushing her back Like the arbutus She stands strong, magnificent. Like the arbutus She stands strong, resilient Facing the wind, a survivor The gusts bending her frame Hitting her, pounding, pushing her back Like […]

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A Tip From Alice~

Darlings, It’s time for another tip from Alice’s Cookbook, Us Two~A Collection of Personal Recipes Adapted For Two Persons, Jennie B. Williams-1909. This particular prized piece of advice comes from the back of a scrap paper tucked into the cookbook for obvious safe keeping. To those of you who have gilt frames and are wondering […]

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