Today I Remember

my Dad.  It has been just over one year since his passing.  I pray that you are at peace.  With Winter comes snow and when the flakes start to fall, I stop, pause, and think of you.  I try to smile.  I try to understand.  I buy a bouquet of white Chrysanthemums to honor you.  To this day I have unanswered questions and a broken heart.  You know I tried and that I loved you.  I know that you loved me. That should be enough.  Did you leave us the biggest gifts?  The gifts of compassion, forgiveness, a capacity toward kindness.  Today I remember you, Dad and I thank you for gifting me the most important qualities to possess in life.

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  1. Ah, I’ve been waiting for your next chapter of AliceandMolly. Thank you for sharing your story with me, Lynne. I can’t help but think, how sad it is that your dad never told his story…so that you could have some answers. I wonder what ‘stories’ he told the workers who cared for him. The night before my dad died, he talked at length about his family to one of the hospice workers. This worker told mom and me how dad needed to unload his concern/anger/grief). Interesting how this ‘worry’ plagued my dad right to the end of his days. I’m sorry my dad never met his great-granddaughter. He and Dan were very close….. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Elaine xo

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