excerpt from a scene

City In Snow

“Close your eyes. Imagine snow. Nothing is quieter. Especially in the hours before dawn. It’s magical. Soft as cotton, kissing the weary, transforming the rundown.” Her paintbrush slipped across the pallette. “Titanium White,” she said. “Always begin with white. It’s clean. Pure. Sometimes, life is too real, too harsh, sombre.” I understood. Towers stretched, ribbons […]

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drafts, excerpt from a scene

You won’t remember. Snow fell in December, flakes as fragile as love. A poet wept. Time stood still. The world was beautiful and I felt special, knowing I’m not. Yes, beauty is deceptive. Winter turned to spring. I learned the language of loss and how much I miss a snowflake. ~ A draft 3

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I found her out back, wrapped in a blanket, a glass of Dom Perignon, in hand. “Sit,” she said, “I’m tasting stars.”

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DIY, light

Bring Light

“Better to light a candle than to curse the dark.” ~ Chinese Proverb Bring Light. It’s a form of meditation, to strike a match and watch a flame. Soy candles are simple creations. Collect suitable containers from Thrift: silver sugar bowls, Mason jars, and vintage glass are beautiful choices. Choose your favourite natural, scented oils. […]

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Simple Holiday Decor

Keep it simple. Gather the prettiest of glass ornaments to nest in a footed bowl. Drop a Poinsettia into a silver Champagne bucket. Buy: ‘Kat and Lyle’, on i tunes. Happy Holidays!

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