Summer felt as Winter. On that grey morning, I cried. I cried because in that moment I knew: I’d have beat down the gates of Hell for him and he simply forgot. He forgot the songs we sang, rock candy, and sand. And me. He forgot me. draft entry from a scene

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excerpt from a scene, Inspiration, Beauty, Life


Bees dance. If the sun is hot, you’ll swear they talk. “Walk barefoot through the garden until you find her,” they say. Paeonia. The bees have held back her stories and claimed her as one of their own. They beckon to follow beyond the fence of rose canes, thorns sharp. An ornate bird bath stands […]

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Soap Dreams

 What is elegance? Soap and water!~ Cecil Beaton Especially if you add lavender. Need convincing? Purple is the colour of royalty and speaks of refinement and luxury. We can all be Queens. Lavender flowers represent: purity, silence, devotion and grace. Consider an affair with soap. COVID19 has heightened our collective awareness. It’s necessary to break […]

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words, writing

She was comfort. A sugar cinnamon woman, a taste lingering on his tongue, a reminder of the past. He closed his eyes and saw a kitchen, a woman, and sweet rolls in autumn.

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heart, hope, love, strong women

“Child. Never say, good bye.” My Grandmother believed “good bye” was an uttered death knell, a cursed spell, a forgetting. She said, “See you soon.” I’ll never forget our last Sunday. The year was 1969. The Maple trees, with leaves the colours of sunset, fenced the property. Wind blew off the lake. I wore a […]

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